Tognazzoni s.n.c.

Polyethylene gloves for veterinary use, disposable over coats, trousers, veterinary lab coat, boot covers and aprons, clothing for zootechnical use


Disposable gloves, polyethylene boot covers for zootechnical and veterinary use, disposable aprons and trousers, patented disposable gloves neck guarantees a safer protection for veterinary use.


Tognazzoni S.n.c. di Andrea e Alessandro Tognazzoni.
Since 1969, the firm has been concerned with the production of plastic articles for veterinary and sanitary use.

During these years up today it has studied and realized different kinds of articles, some of which revealed to be necessary for the veterinary profession, such as gloves, overboots and disposable overcoats.

More recently it has been also enriched its production with disposable trousers and a kind of special and patented glove (NECK), which is easy to use and guarantees a safer protection.

The firm has been always careful of different professional needs and for this reason, it is constantly engaged to improve the production and to study new articles.

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